As of May ‘23 our current lead time is 10-12 weeks from order-placed to dispatch. Shipping times vary depending on delivery location, but are typically within one additional week of dispatch.

Where do you ship?


Much like our logo’s inspiration, Jörmungandr - the World Serpent that encircled the globe and grasped its own tail in Norse mythology - our shipping range also encircles the world!

Delivery options - will you deliver to my home/business?

There are a few different options available for shipping, such as pick up from a local depot nearby or delivery to your door.

If you contact us with your chosen model and a shipping address, we can provide some shipping estimates for you.

Installation - does shipping include installation?

Delivery to your door does NOT include Installation within the premises.

You will need to organise moving your Odin from the front door to your desired placement on the property - but don’t worry! All the Odin’s can fit through a standard doorway, they just need to be tipped on their side. For details on the weights of each model, please see the Specifications section below.

Shipping costs - is shipping included?

For Australian orders shipping is extra and dependent on model and your location.

For American orders, the USD prices listed include air-shipping to America, including Hawaii.

**Please note: Puerto Rico is NOT considered part of America and will incur additional shipping costs.

For international orders, shipping may be similar to the USD pricing, but varies depending on your exact location.

**Additional duties or customs fees will be payable by you; it is recommended you contact customs authorities in your country to ascertain if any such fees apply.

If you can contact us with a shipping address and your model of interest we will provide a shipping estimate.

We don't profit off shipping in any way - you pay only what the shipping company charges us.

Expedited shipping - can I pay to get my order faster?

We do offer a limited number of expedited orders per month, which halves the 10-12 week lead time. Expedited orders require an additional 25% fee, and must be paid in full up front (instead of the standard 50% deposit up front, then final payment prior to shipping).

Please contact us with your model of choice to determine if we have capacity to expedite it at that time. We can only expedite a limited number each month to ensure we do not impact the lead time of standard orders already placed.


Location - can the Odin be placed outside?

We recommend the Odin be kept undercover and out of direct weather .

The Odin is water resistant, not waterproof, due to the electronics in the housing step. Avoid exposing unit to direct hot sun as the cooling unit has to work overtime to compensate, which is not ideal for the longevity of the unit.

Our all-weather outdoor covers will be available to purchase within 2-3 months

Cold climates - does the Odin ice bath work in freezing temperatures?

The Odin ice baths are made for cooling only, not heating.

If the outdoor temperature falls below 0ºC (32F) we can't guarantee the pipes won't freeze over, which would run the pump dry. If temperatures tend to be lower than that we'd recommend storing the Odin indoors or turning it off completely during those months.

Plumbing - does the Odin need to be plumbed in to use?

The Odin is free-standing with no plumbing needed! All that’s needed is access to a standard 18mm garden hose.

Drainage requirements - how do I empty my Odin?

All the Odin's have a plug which opens onto an elbow pipe, ending in a standard 18mm garden hose attachment. When you are ready to drain, attach a normal garden hose to the pipe, pull the plug and the Odin will drain itself. The Odin's can be both filled AND drained through this easily reachable point underneath the tub.

Noise output - how loud is the Odin?

The Odin's compressor has a similar noise output to a large chest freezer.

Moving the Odin - will I be able to get the Odin into my property?

All the Odin ice baths were designed to be 71cm/28in high specifically so they can fit through a standard doorway when tipped onto the side.

**Please note: after being tipped sideways, your Odin will need to be left to sit undisturbed for a period of time prior to being switched on - similar to what you would do after turning a fridge on its side.


Dimensions - millimetres (mm)


Interior = the inner stainless steel section of the Odin- the part that you sit in.
Exterior = the full outside dimensions of the Odin,
including the housing step.

Odin Original Interior - 1200L × 800W × 610H
Odin Original External - 1300L × 1250W × 710H

Odin Original Pro Interior - 1200L × 800W × 610H
Odin Original Pro External - 1300L × 1300W × 710H

Odin XL Interior - 1500L × 800W × 610H
Odin XL Exterior - 1600L x 1250W × 710H

Odin XL Pro Interior - 1500L × 800W × 61H
Odin XL Pro Exterior - 1600L × 1300W × 710H

Odin Dual & Dual. Pro Interior - 1640L × 1040W × 610H
Odin Dual & Dual. Pro Exterior - 1740L × 1640W × 710H

Housing step dimensions:
Original version models: 800W × 400D × 400H
Pro version & Dual models: 800W × 450D × 400H

Dimensions - inches (in)


Interior = the inner stainless steel section of the Odin - the part that you sit in.
Exterior = the full outside dimensions of the Odin,
including the housing step.

Odin Original Interior - 47.3L x 31.5W x 24.0H approx.
Odin Original External - 51.2L ×49.2W ×28.0H approx.

Odin Original Pro Interior - 47.3L x 31.5W × 24.0H approx.
Odin Original Pro External - 51.2L x 51.2W × 28.0H approx.

Odin XL Interior - 59.0L × 31.5W × 24.0H approx.
Odin XL Exterior - 63.0L x 49.2W x 28.0H approx.

Odin XL Pro Interior - 59.0L x 31.5W × 24.0H approx.
Odin LX Pro Exterior - 63.0L × 51.2W × 28.0H approx.

Odin Dual & Dual Pro Interior - 64.5L x 40.9W × 24.0H approx.
Odin Dual & Dual Pro Exterior - 68.5L × 64.5W × 28.0H approx.

Housing step dimensions:
Original version models: 31.5W × 15.7D × 15.7H
Pro version & Dual models: 31.5W × 17.7D × 15.7H

Weights - Empty & Full


Weights when empty:

Original: 80kg
Original Pro: 90kg
XL: 100kg
XL Pro: 110kg
Dual & Dual Pro: 120kg

Approximate weights when full and with one person:

Original: 500kg (300L)
Original Pro: 510kg (300L)
XL: 720kg (500L)
XL Pro: 730kg (500L)
Dual & Dual Pro: 1140kg (900L)

Power usage

The Original version Odin's use a similar amount of power as a large chest freezer, and the Pro versions use a similar amount as an extra-large chest freezer. (Roughly between 6kWh/day to 12kWh/day depending on the model)

All models of the Odin come with an RCD trip plug to be used with a standard 10amp household power socket, and are designed to be left on 24/7 - like you would do with a fridge or freezer!

**The Odin’s use an electrical 220v connection, so American and some international customers will need to use a voltage converter, which can be purchased off Amazon for around $50.

Cord, screen and vent placement

As you are facing the housing step, the vent is on the lefthand side of the step and the small temperature control panel is on the righthand side of the step.

The cord is typically around 2m long and is connected under the housing step. The clearance provided by the Odin’s feet allows the cord to come out on any side of the bath.


The Odin’s use a Tecumseh R404a compressor, like those used walk-in freezers. The average life expectancy on the compressors is around 10-15 years.

The Original version Odin models use a 1/4 horsepower compressor and the Odin Pro versions use a 1/2 horsepower compressor.

The cooling system is purchased from a refrigerant company on the Gold Coast, they have the units imported into Australia from Mexico.


Ice Bath Water - how often do I need to change the water in my Odin?

For a home-use Odin we recommend replacing the water every 2-4 months, depending on the degree of use and your own personal preferences.

For commercial use we recommend changing the water every 1-2 months, depending on use.

Filter - how often do I clean the filter?

The Odin hosts a reusable 50 micron filter, which usually lasts around 12 months.

Recommended cleaning schedule:
For everyday personal use - clean filter every 3-4 weeks, depending on your personal preferences.
For heavy/commercial use -clean filter every 1-2 weeks for your client peace-of-mind.

If you are using the Odin in conjunction with a sauna, the filter will clog up quicker as heat opens up the pores to expose the bath to oils and skin. If you’re noticing a significant reduction in flow rate, that is an indicator of the filter needing to be replaced.

We source the filters through Filter Systems Australia, and replacements can be purchased through their site.

Cedar - how do I maintain the cedar wood exterior?

We recommend staining the clear western red cedar every 6-12 months to keep it fresh - just depending on your personal preferences. To clean, wipe the cedar with a damp cloth as needed.

The reason we used cedar - besides its distinctive appearance - is because it's been used forever for hot tubs, saunas and other outdoor areas, where it often lasts 20-25 years. As long as it's looked after it should last a very long time!

Stainless steel - does the stainless steel have special requirements?

The marine grade 316 stainless steel tub lining can simply be wiped clean as needed with stainless steel cleaner and rag, or alternatively you can wipe the stainless with methylated spirits to remove water marks.


Why the Odin is unique - a true ice bath

The Odin does not use an external chiller. Unlike other “ice baths” on the market, which pump the water outside of the bath through an external chiller to cool the water, The Odin's water is cooled by the interior stainless steel tub.

The Odin’s use cooling compressor (like those used in walk-in freezers) to cool the water via copper coils that are wrapped around the interior stainless tub and covered with insulation.

This allows ALL models of the Odin to reach a true 0º degrees Celsius - in fact, if left on at these low temperatures the Odin will make its own ice! We find that by using the tub to cool the water instead of an external chiller, we are able to reach colder temperatures and be more energy efficient.

How the Odin keeps your water clean

All Odin’s host a full filtration and sanitisation system with a 50 micron filter and an Ozone generator to sanitise the water. This keeps the water circulating and cleaner for longer.

Pro version Odin’s feature enhanced filtration to facilitate maintaining hygienic conditions with multiple users.

Original vs. Pro - what's the difference?

There are two key differences between the Originals and the Pro versions; the compressor size and the filtration.

After plunging, the Pro versions can return to the starting temperature quite quickly (10-15 minutes), compared to the Original versions which take longer (45 - 60 minutes).

Additionally, whilst every Odin comes with an ozone generator to keep your water clear, all Pro versions feature enhanced filtration to facilitate maintaining hygienic conditions despite multiple users.

We always recommend the Pro versions for commercial use, such as gyms and wellness centres, as a stronger compressor and filter is required to facilitate continuous use.

Sizing - which size is best for me?

The Odin comes in three different sizes: Original, XL and Dual. There is a home version and a commercial version available for each size.

For people over 6’2” (187cm) we recommend the Odin XL or Dual sizes, as you will be unable to fully extend your legs in an Odin Original.

The Odin Dual can fit 2 large adults or 3 small adults simultaneously.

The home-use version Odin models are designed for a couple of plunges daily, at different times. Commercial versions are designed for businesses that have multiple people plunging per hour, multiple times a day.

Warranty - what warranty is provided?

The Odin's have a five-year limited warranty on the cosmetic components, such as the stainless steel tub and the cedar, and a three-year warranty on the working components, which includes the cooling compressor, plumbing and electrical.

UV upgrade - what does the UV upgrade do?

We offer a UV upgrade option for all Odin’s which adds an extra level of sanitisation in addition to the ozone.

The UV upgrade is always advisable for commercial settings, as it’s ideal for scenarios where the Odin has multiple users, ensuring the most hygienic water possible.

For home-use Odin’s, the UV upgrade roughly doubles the time required between changing the water (from every 2-4 months to every 4-8 months!).

After passing through the filter, the water has remaining bacteria eliminated by the UV light, which is hard plumbed in amongst the electrics in the housing step.

Insulated Lid - does the Odin come with a cover?

The Odin comes with an insulated, lockable spa lid that is custom-fitted to your chosen model.

This keeps the cold air in, allowing for a more economical plunge that uses less energy to stay cool!

PLEASE NOTE: As ice baths in general are still fairly new to the market, they do not yet have their own set of safety standards, and therefore will come under hot tub regulations. Please check your local state/region/country laws and regulations to confirm any further compliance requirements for your Odin.


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