Not sold on the cold?

Don't just take our word for it. Take a look at some of the incredible benefits some of the highest performers in the world are getting from spending some time taking the plunge.

Why do they love Odin Products?

Not all Ice Baths are created equal, and while research shows that submerging your body in cold water increases dopamine concentrations by 250%, the true transformative power of the therapy is unlocked when the water temperature reaches 0 degrees celsius.

Odin Ice Baths are unparalleled in performance and can be programmed to maintain any temperature right down to 0 degrees celsius, making it an authentic Ice Bath experience. Many Ice baths don’t dip below 3 degrees celsius, but Odin even makes its own ice if you’re brave enough to push yourself to the limit…
Crafted from the finest materials, Odin Ice Baths will withstand the test of time and are handmade from high quality materials including 316 Stainless Steel and Western Cedar.

Odin Ice Baths are equipped with smart technology to keep energy costs low, don’t require any plumbing and can be positioned both indoors and outdoors pending your personal preference