The Odin Ice Bath 3.0.

When we launched Odin 2.5 years ago, we pioneered the world's first cedar ice bath. Despite many imitators, we've remained steadfast in our mission to deliver the finest ice bath on the market.

Each Odin is meticulously handcrafted from the highest quality materials, with an unparalleled attention to detail. We take pride in creating the most stunning and innovative ice baths available.

Explore our exceptional range below.

Odin Range

Odin Ice Bath 3.0

Experience authentic cold exposure therapy with our true ice bath able to reach 32ºF(0ºC), featuring a stylish design crafted from clear western red cedar and marine-grade 316 stainless steel to elevate any space.

Odin Plunge

The Odin Plunge offers the versatility of hot and cold therapy with a WIFI controlled temperature range of 37.4°F (3ºC) to 107°F (40°C).
Fans of Odin.

Don't just take our word for it. Take a look at some of the incredible benefits some of the highest performers in the world are getting from spending some time taking the plunge.


Full body health and mental wellbeing.

Change your overall health with an increase in blood flow and immune support that boost metabolism, sleep, recovery through lower inflammation and muscle soreness. Cold therapy has also shown to boost your energy and elevate your mood, with many more amazing advantages!
"When you get out, you feel like Superman,you're ready to take on the world"

- Jon James, Founder & Designer

Odin’s story begins with Jon’s.

Born from a battle fought on multiple fronts, Jon's story is one about adversity, passion, and mental-wellbeing.

Crystal clear water when you need it.

Experience hassle-free maintenance, advanced filtration, 
and Wi-Fi compatibility for a superior aquatic experience.