Odin’s story begins with Jon: A battle against all odds.

My life's early prognosis was dire: Cystic Fibrosis, with less than a decade to live. But at 35, I've defied odds and learned that health encompasses more than diet – it's about environment and mindset too.

My journey has been a battle, fought on multiple fronts. Amidst this fight, saunas emerged as my allies. Daily sauna sessions didn't just alter my physical state but also nurtured my mental well-being, becoming a sanctuary of rejuvenation.

However, my fascination took a remarkable turn when I stumbled upon the Wim Hof method and discovered ice baths. The allure was immediate, but the market fell short on quality solutions. This void sparked a new passion within me.

The Odin Ice Bath

When we launched Odin 2.5 years ago we were the world's first cedar ice bath. Since then we have had many imitators but we have never deviated from our philosophy - to deliver the best ice bath on the market!

Every Odin is hand crafted using the finest material and our attention to detail is unmatched. We're proud to make the best looking, most innovative ice baths on the market. View our range below.
Who is Odin Now?

We are a small family owned and operated business.

Our Vision
To make the benefits of cold therapy accessible to all, providing affordable and beautiful cold plunges worldwide.
Our Mission
Our brand mission is to propel the cold plunging community to new heights by tirelessly advancing ice bath technology and ascending to the pinnacle of global leadership in ice bath innovation.